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Top 4 Procedures You Need to Add to Increase Practice Income with the New LightWalker.

Adding just ONE of each of the following procedures per month equates to more than $4,000.00!

1. Anesthetic Free Cavity Preps:
CDT Codes Multiple class 1-5 composite restorations
Avg fee $220-$440 | Avg new patient $800.00

LightWalker users report 90% of cavity preps can be performed without anesthetic. Without patient numbness, you can treat multiple quadrants in a single visit. Plus, you'll get new patient referrals from existing patients who are all impressed with your new laser!

2. Closed Flap Osseous Crown Lengthening:
CDT Code 4249 | Average fee $700.00

Quickly & bloodlessly perform osseous contouring to get the perfect biological width. Keep more procedures in your office, save time and increase your revenue!

3. Anterior & Posterior Endo:
CDT Code 3230 | Average fee $827.00

You must experience PIPS. It is not only minimally invasive, it makes Endo so easy, you'll treat all your posterior cases while saving 20 minutes or more, per canal. Re treatment rates will plunge and you will love doing it.

4. Laser Perio Treatments:
CDT Code 4241 | Single site $450.00
CDT Code 4240 | Quadrant $850.00

The minimally invasive laser perio procedure everyone is talking about. WPT eliminates scalpels & sutures to treat moderate to severe perio on a single site or full quadrants. Perio treatment case acceptance will soar and so will your revenue!

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